Tattoo Artist

April Tanner

Houston, TX

April Tanner Biography’s
I started tattooing professionally in Wisconsin in 2007.
I originally started as a traditional flash artist; building a large clientele in the surrounding cities and small towns. Finally, in 2012, I opened my own private tattoo studio and focused primarily on full custom artwork,
where I was blessed to have the experience of more complex and comprehensive tattoo designs.
I have developed a versatile set of skills in tattoo styles, encompassing all areas, but my work is primarily focused on realism.I truly believe that getting a tattoo is a holistic process. It’s very personal and unique.
It should be an experience that is professional, and custom tailored to you.
It should involve your vision, expression and personality. It should be of the utmost quality, and a piece you will be proud of forever.
I also believe that the environment in which you obtain your tattoo should be a place that is comfortable, inviting, professional, safe, and enhances your experience. This is EXACTLY what you can expect from me.
I guarantee your tattoo and your experience will both be of the highest quality.

I can be reached by email at, and found on IG and FB.